About the Creator

About the Creator

Founder and sole creator of Saxifrage jewellery, Jon Lim has been designing and crafting fine jewellery since 1975.

With apprenticeship in countries like Italy and France, he perfected the skills as a custom jewellery designer and craftsman with leading jewellery masters.

Driven by his insatiable passion for creating exquisite fine jewellery, customised for his clients, Jon started SAXIFRAGE on 16th March 1997 to cater to his clients’ increasing needs for customised fine jewellery pieces.

Among his many achievements, one of his crowning moments was being selected to craft the tiara for the Princess of Brunei. In year 2000, Jon was also handpicked by Sheaffer to lead a touch of Eastern magic in designing and crafting the exclusive Sheaffer Intrigue “1 of 1” fountain pen for an auction that was in aid of the ‘For All Kids Foundation’.

About the Brand

I was given the vision
of owning my own jewellery house
blessed with big creativity and favour
one that dedicates itself to a select group of people
a place that sees me breaking through
the limitations and boundaries of what the world says
I can and cannot do
with the dedicated craft from my hands
reaching out to all who dream of precious creations
that craves to be materialised.

I was given the vision
where handcrafted customisation comes first.